INSPIRATION: When I was five, my parents moved to Arizona from farm country PA.  We stayed with my grandparents 3 months while we looked for a house.  I started school in Sunnyslope, in the heat, a chubby PA Dutch kid, getting baked in the sun under a metal pavilion in August, with metal picnic tables.  I felt out of sorts.  The art teacher gave me two pieces of cold, wet, red clay, and I've never been the same.  I remember the sun brilliant on my shoulders, smoothly rubbing down the neck of a bird I made with the clay.  I knew then what I wanted to do.



EDUCATION: I grew up half my life in AZ and half in PA.  My father lived in Phoenix and my mother in PA.  If I needed a strong parent, I would live with my father.  If I needed a bra, I would live with my mother.  I traveled back and forth and had more tiny flying pins for flying alone than could fit in a gallon ziplock bag.   I developed an appreciation of the similarities and differences of the various microcosmic cultures between the east and the west, and eventually, I followed the Grateful Dead and sold art and plain old oatmeal cookies.  Somehow I still had a high GPA in college.  I went to both AZ and PA universities, and have credentials in art therapy, art education, crisis counseling, ceramics, and religious studies.  I've taught in the poorest schools, psych hospitals, jails, shelters, and country clubs.  I have been selling and teaching/facilitating art for 24 years.


BUSINESS: We started Clayote in Boyertown, PA and put it on a corner in a tiny, conservative town, right on the same corner that the KKK used to protest.  Where there was hate we had clay, art, music, yoga, belly dancing, and healing events.  I found myself cold and homesick for my father and the sunlight.

Two years ago, Clayote Studios opened with an old friend/ business partner and we put it right next to the head shop in Prescott Valley.  It's been much more open and inviting to our gifts, but as the now only owner, I am 44 and wanting to get back to being in the heart of my community doing my specialized instruction, artwork, and raise my low content wolf-hybrid dogs.


OCTOBER-DECEMBER 2018: Clayote's Prescott Valley location closed its doors, so that I have more art and organizing time, and can reach more families.  We plan on reopening as The Welcome Wolf in Prescott by 2020.  I haven't had a break in 20 years, literally, and I used this time for family, art, housework, and hiking.  I also was able to gain perspective of what was needed to adjust to and accommodate our growing and branching community.simply


NOW: We are still running as a Clayote LLC.  Some events we do are directly run by Dani Fisher Artist/Educator.  We are working on opening up a not for profit hybrid rescue and educational facility as The Welcome Wolf.  This organization will gain 20% of all sales of art and supplies from myself and hand-picked, innovative, prolific, participating artists.  Events and class services will still be run as Dani Fisher Artist/Educator at that time.  Besides classes through Prescott Valley Parks and Recreation and within the school system, you can still book private birthday parties and wheel n wines through Clayote.  I'm also available for murals, ceramic art, acrylic custom art, and specialty workshops.

I've decided to write more books and blogs again and to keep thoroughly connected to our community and it's creative needs.  Rockin AZ with color and vibe.


FUTURE: This is where you come in.  I am merely the anchor.  I need more artists, musicians, workshop runners, and feedback.  We'll need board members for The Welcome Wolf.