All About your pot

Raku is a Japanese traditional glaze for Zen tea bowls. The tea bowls were mostly white crackle and while they crack over the years they are considered to be more valuable for being used and broken.


The process of raku is an outdoor propane kiln, large bins of reduction material, and some magic. No glaze will ever be the same on each piece. We typically use two glazes:


White crackle could be grey, pink, or white with black reduction cracks


Xmas foil a copper reduction glazes that is green without smoke play, but can vary from green, red, brown, shiny copper, iridescent metallic rainbow colors, like oil on water in a parking lot!


The bottoms and any other unglazed areas could come back white, grey or black, because wherever the smoke goes it will get dark. The Japanese say the black bottoms symbolize a gift from the artist's soul to the receiver of the bowl.


Raku is used for matcha tea ceremony in the Zen Buddhist religion. Although they drink from it, here in America we say that this type of glaze is mostly decorative, pots can be used for keys, candles, change, jewelry, plants, pretty much anything that is not going to consumed, wrapped candies would be fine!