YOU DESERVE VARIETY. Plain and simple.  I've been home in the quad-city for 4 years now.  Clayote began with Mudpuppies and we definitely knew we were appreciated.  Why fix what ain't broke, right?




After learning about each individual school and community, we see that you need more exposure, expression, and excitement.


I watch the administration walk with the heat on their necks and do their profound best to parent the educators who then guide our children.


The emotions and hours for any school staff are far longer than they can spend with their own children.  Noone does it all with shining stars or at least as many as we prefer.


The majority of the schools I have offered Mudpuppies at rely on their academic teachers, The Art Docents, tax credit money and volunteers for their art education.


Typically we get sports first, then music and drama, then art.  These are all necessary practices for our body, brain, and soul to grow.  Noone needs to prove statistics or studies to relay to the universe that music helps you focus and grow, that visual arts help you creatively visualize your life and align your physicality with your psychological processing.  It's no secret that acting makes a more confident human being.  


I love clay because it made me who I am today.  The Gods are potters.  Even a slave was worth more to the master if he/she could throw on the wheel.  Remember the Egyptians and their artwork.



It's quite ok to be polyamorous in your art medium and skills.  Even the accountant knows the art of numbers.

Mudpuppies can still be requested for clay specialty and may be reoffered at any time in the schools.  But for now, I'de like to do an 8 week, all supplies included, multimedia art frenzy, if you don't mind.  2018 was a pistol, we've all got lots and lots of old emotions and ways to release, and I want to hang out and be a witness to the newness of the projects with your families, if you please.


I am so grateful you all trust me with your children.  Your trust helped me trust myself to rock this desert with color and vibe.


Arizona, I give you, the 8 week ART ENRICHMENT SLAM!





Art Enrichment Slam




8 one hour classes, giving students a variety of skills, concepts, and outlets for your personal expression.



1. Clay love bugs, love machines, and love shacks

   Students will make multiple slab hearts (without a stencil) and cut and attach them in an arrangement that resembles an insect, a robot, or a house/shelter.


terms: wedge, score, slip, structure, grounding.


physical activity: breathing and stretching, howling. 


stress reduction: "The thorax rhymes with the Lorax.  Speak for the trees".  Students learn to tap their thorax and breathe when experiencing high energy or anxiety so that they can stay with the class and their projects.


2. Intro to life drawing

   We will learn that the average human is 7 heads high, that our hand is as big as our face, and that our eyes are actually in the very middle of our skull.  We will apply our knowledge to 5-minute full-page sketches of models.


terms: structure, contour, stick person, sketch vs. determined lines


physical activity:  breathing and stretching.  Students will take turns modeling and posing.


stress reduction: scribbling with intent


3. Portrait day

   We will create a portrait of ourselves with a mirror or picture and focus on detail and proportion.


terms: value, detail


physical activity:  breathing and stretching.  We will take breaks and do musical chairs in order to critique and learn from the art of our peers.


stress reduction: "It's all about perspective.  Learn to walk away, breathe, and look with fresh eyes".  


4. Pottery wheel

   Each student will receive 1:1 time on the pottery wheel to create a vessel.


terms: wedge, score, slip, Kung foo grip, hockey puck, donut hole, bunny ears, fountain.  


physical activity:  Stretch and breathe, and the entire day is physical! And messy!


stress reduction:  clay comes from the earth.  Kaolin, which you ingest when your tummy hurts as a medicine, is in the clay.  Talc, which is in baby powder and helps babies stay dry, is in clay, plus minerals.  The entire process is fun and relaxing and this is quite a day.


5. Watercolor and speed painting day

   Students will do 10 paintings in watercolor, less than 5 minutes each, of still life objects brought in as a centerpiece on a table.  They will learn how to fill the page with confidence and excitement, as well as visualize and layout dimensions and sizes intuitively.


terms: wash, dry brush, wet brush, gradation


physical activity:  it's fast! Also, breathing and stretching


stress reduction: "Hurry up, stop, breathe, let go.  Because what is time? We have all the time we need to make happy accidents and grow".


6. Watercolor masterpiece

   Students will first practice color mixing, value, gradation, wash, and drybrush.  With their experience, they will create a large quality paper watercolor, with either picture or imagination.  


terms: see above.


physical activity: breathing and stretching. Waterplay.


stress reduction:  water play, confidence, the feeling of slowing down and being able to take more time after last class' excitement!


7. Glaze day and art show prep

   We will glaze our two clay pieces and discuss our roles at art exhibit day.  We will also make invitations.


terms: promotion, critique, education, art ambassador, glaze, kiln, raku, flux


physical activity: breathing and stretching, glazing


stress reduction: discussion of the exhibit and how far we have come. the importance of the connection with each other, our families, and our community and why we should feel positive and proud to share our gifts and educate/create awareness of self-expression. 


8. Art exhibit- Students arrive at normal time. Families and patrons arrive the last 20 minutes of class.

   The students will host an exhibit with their art and promote themselves in a positive manner.  They will talk about what they learned, their least favorite project and why, their most favorite project and why, and take their art home.


Cost for all 8 classes with all supplies included is $129.  This comes to  alittle less  per class than Mudpuppies was and we are now 8 classes rather than six, with a variety of semi-professional and professional supplies.  Dani Fisher has her fingerprint clearance card, a certificate in crisis counseling, a BS in art education with a ceramics major, an art therapy certificate, and 24 years experience.