Mud Slingers

What is the Mud Slingers class?

The mud slingers class is our adult six class course. This course includes  5 pottery wheel projects and a glazing day.


Price: $119 for the six class course and you will receive a punch card.

 Classes include: clay, instruction, raku glazing, kiln service and pottery wheel time. $5 more for high fire/ food safe glazes. If you use more than the maximum amount of clay your card may be punched twice.


The wheel can be messy so dress in clothing that can be sacrificed to creativity! The white/grey clays do not stain but the red may. You will have to sit with your legs around the wheel so we suggest that you do not wear a short dress or skirt! ;) Also, please be prepared to remove any rings or other hand jewelry so they do not get gunked up with clay! (If your jewelry does get dirty then simply scrub it out with a toothbrush when you get home)

Return to Finish: If you don't finish or have to leave, you can return to finish another day for a $5 studio fee at our studio in Prescott Valley.