Del Rio Mud Puppies

The after-school class for kids!

What is Mud Puppies?

Class Schedule

Mud Puppies is a fun after school art program focused around the medium of clay! We offer a six week program that is held once weekly at your school! This program includes four project days (at least one pottery wheel day!), a glaze day and an art show finale! We will teach the children the basics of how to use clay through creative visualization and lots of positive encouragement! At some schools we also offer other multi media classes such as painting, collage, watercolor and more later in the year! See the list below for more class details!

Class Schedule

Day: Thursdays

​Time: 3:00-4:00

Location: Art room

​​Class Project Schedule

1st - 4th class

Project days

During these classes we will offer different fun projects that will help the children learn all of the basic clay techniques such as: How to score and slip, slab building, using forms to mold on, texturing, glazing and more!

5th class

Glazing day

This class is set for glazing the ceramics that we made previously. Also, this is the class where we try to make sure all the children are caught up on their projects! We will remake items that were broken and create a project if a class was missed.

6th class

Art show!

Parents are invited to attend to see their children's work!

Please arrive 15 to 20 minutes before the end of class for the art show.

Bring a shoe box and some newspaper to transport you artwork home!

If you miss this day then you may pick up your child's artwork from our studio in Prescott Valley.

Only $99

Please make sure to fill in your child's information correctly, so you will be properly credited! Thank you!

Please fill out the flyer completely and return to the teacher in order to create the best experience for your child! Thank you! 

Mud Puppies Rules:

  1. No bullying or being mean. Consequences are listed in your student handbook.

  2. No toys or electronics are allowed in class.

  3. You may not take clay home.

  4. All artwork must be original. (no reproductions of copyrighted work)

  5. You must follow directions and listen to your instructor.

  6. Snacks are OK! Please bring one for after school!

  7. Students who repeatedly disregard rules and do not follow instruction will be asked to leave the Mud Puppies school course and will have to take the remainder of their classes in our studio.

This six week course includes:

  • Daily lessons and one on one assistance

  • Creative visualization practices

  • Stretching derived from yoga

  • Breathing exercises

  • A fun and comprehensive way of learning

  • Lots of positive encouragement!

  • Use of clay and tools

  • Kiln services

  • Four unique clay creations

  • One glaze/ finish day

  • An art show finale!