Goodwin Fire Relief Project

Clayote Studios will be offering FREE clay and studio time to families who have been evacuated due to the wildfire.
Bring yourself and your children in to the studio for a fun clay project to help alleviate a little of the stress of the fire and do something positive in this time of negativity.
Create a masterpiece and we will fire and glaze it for you for free
We know it's not much, but Clayote Studios wants to help our community find a little happiness through art in this stressful time.

This weekend and next for Goodwin fire victims:

Clayote Studios is offering free release time for your families from the smoky trauma.

Saturday and Sunday 11-5, July 1 and 2, 8 and 9.

(If you feel you need us during the week, just call us or walk in).

Come tell us your story, we will listen. We want to know.

Visualize something better to remember with the help of our seasoned

therapeutic staff and some healthy mud, COMPLIMENTARY for

fire victim families.

Leave the clay with us to fire and you can pick it up withing two weeks.

Remember that fire is not always so destructive.

It makes your art a forever keepsake memory that reminds us

of the good we have to bring with us in our journey through ups and downs.

A short story for young participants is available to read.

Clay is cool, literally.
It draws the toxins from your skin and disintegrates them,

with white vinegar as a sanitizer.

It's fun when you need fun, and we believe you just might!

Make your appointment or walk in.
We will fire your art in the kiln and return it to you free of charge.

It's the very least we can do.

Be strong, clear your lungs, let go and grieve if need be,

but be grateful, and share your experience with us in

a safe and positive environment.

We recognize that we can't give you everything back,

but we can help you refocus and relieve some of the trauma.

8198 E. Spouse Prescott Valley