High Fire Glazing

Food Safe and brilliant!

Why does high fire glaze cost more?

High fire glazes are special glazes that have a very high melting point. The high fire glazes are more expensive than our Raku glazes and have to be put back through our electric kiln which costs more to run than the gas-fired Raku kiln.

The traditional Raku glazes that are included in the normal pottery price are less expensive and are put through the gas kiln at a much lower temperature and require a lot less energy than the high fire glazes.

Gas firing in Raku kiln

What makes it food safe?

Electric kiln firing is a slower and hotter process

Our Raku glazes are not food safe because they may contain traces of potentially toxic metals such as copper and cobalt along with any manner of carbon from different fuel sources used in the processing of the pottery. The Raku glazes are also very prone to having tiny little cracks throughout the glaze as it cools which could potentially trap microorganisms in them and provide a place for bacterial growth. Raku pottery is usually suitable for wrapped things such as candies and possible for dry foods such as chips, depending on the glaze used. The high fire glazes are food safe because our colors do not contain toxic chemicals and the glaze does not (usually) crack as it cools.

High Fire Colors

These are some of the colors we currently offer at Clayote