Len White Bear  M.ED., B.A.

Spirit Bear Paint and Sip



Thank you for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself. 


I began my artistic journey as a young woman in Anchorage, Alaska, taking my first art class as a college freshman.   My art professor, William Kimura was a well-known Alaskan Artist.  William’s love of art and the creative process opened a door in my soul to “The World of Art.”  As a result I minored in Art in my undergraduate studies.


In college Abstract Art was my passion.  As years passed my artistic exploration found new avenues; teaching art in faraway places (remote Alaska, Honduras, Philippines and Korea), beading, jewelry making, creating masks, making belly masks of beautiful pregnant women, and metal sculpture.


The creative process has danced in and out of my life.  At times from a place of joy and at other times it was reborn from pain. The wonderful thing about the creative process is it never really dies, it hibernates, it hides, at times it seeks you out when you least expect it and you need it most.


Paint and Sip classes is an opportunity to introduce others to the joys of painting and the creative journey.  There are tips, tricks and techniques I have learned over the years that can help you to create your very own masterpiece.


My Paint and Sip Motto is “There isn’t anything you can’t fix!”


Contact information – whitebearlen@yahoo.com    928-848-2297


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