2017 Yavapai County Fair
Clayote Studios will be volunteering in this year's County Fair!
We are looking for volunteers and artists to do demonstrations during the event!
See below for more information!
2017 Fine Arts Division
Here are links and information to assist you in entering your art!
To register online, click the #1 to begin!
You can also register at the fair!
This year's Fine Arts Division will be organized by Clayote Studios.
We are here to answer your questions and assist with your entries.
Please email us below or call Dani for more information. You may have a quicker response time via email but you may call/ text (610) 823-3742 and leave a message if there is no answer.
Submitting pottery?
When you get to the second part of registration while registering online follow these steps:
Department: All Departments
Division: Ceramics - your division
Class: Choose your class!
If you need help with your class, give us a call!
Featured Artists
We are looking for artists to do live demonstrations at the fair!
You will be allowed up to a 5ftX8ft area to display your craft
You will also be volunteering your time to help keep an eye on the exhibited artwork and answer questions from guests!
We are looking for kind volunteers to assist in the Fine Arts Department.
This is a low-impact job and you will be allowed to sit as often as you need to.
Duties are very light and no lifting or moving of items is required.
An example of duties will include the following:
Cleaning and straightening artwork as needed
(but ONLY as needed)
Helping guests and giving directions to other departments
Making sure no one touches the artwork
Watching artists booths when they need to step out for a break
General assistance
Lunch and/or refreshments will be provided